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Fulani Encounters Update: Starstruck at Starbucks! February 25, 2009

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Ok, I’m sure you all remember my first entry about Fulani earrings and the public intrigue they create. Catch up here


The Fulani Saga Continues...

Ok, So i walked into Starbucks yesterday and ordered a ((decaf)) iced coffee sporting the Fulanis

The barsista, young, caucasion eyes open wide when she sees me.

“LET ME SEE THOSE!” she exclaims.

Next, in an unprecedented by any Starbucks barista, she reached across the counter to TOUCH my earrings.

That’s right, touch.  Yes, the same way they touch your hair unannounced.  AMAZING.

“I LOVE those” she said.  “I love them,”

“Fulani earrings,” I told her.  “They’re handmade in Mali you know,”

*aaaaand scene*

It kind of reminded me of this…


“If Only You Could See Through Your Elaborate Eyes…” February 24, 2009

Only you and me Hon, the Love never dies…”

Aww Q-Tip- say it Again!

Nope, it never get’s old.

I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you blogosphere.  I’m back, and here to talk about

Elaborate Eyes

I’m trying to get some.  I’ve been really into make-up lately.  I have garnered the reputation as a kind of low maintenance crunchy granola type chic, so this has come to the surprise so those who know me.   My beauty philosophy is simple: good nutrition, skincare, well conditioned hair, regular exercise and lots of water can take you FAR.  If you are not feeling very pretty I recommend that you ramp up your effort in each of these areas and you will begin to feel more gorgeous, naturally.

Make-up should be the icing, not the cake.

It should enhance your already glowing self 🙂

So back to eye-shadow.    I would like to master a few application “techniques”.  I might not be a “girly-girl”, BUT I am an artist.I should be able to create a really dynamic “smoky eye”:

Tha Yonce

So i got out my eyeliner, a couple of covergirl shadows, looked up some internet tutorials and went to work.  And guess what? I ended up looking a


For real, I looked like a crazy person.  But guess what else- I’m gonna try again, and again, until I get it right.  Why- because I’m no quitter.


So look out blogosphere, next time you see me on the street I might be rocking the most alluring plum and gold smoky eye to ever grace your presence.

Be Ready!


Coming Out of The Dark

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This is the soundtrack for today- my son has been sick for 7 days straight! This is his first day back at school.

I am so thankful to be out of sick world!!

And while we are on the subject of Gloria Estefan- I used LOVE her song “Bad Boys” .  I don’t even remember how old I was, just remember I was young young young because I though the CATS in the video were the coolest thing EVER!!



LoveWeek In AmbiLand: Let’s Get This Party Started February 12, 2009

Well, in honor of LoveWeek, I am going to have to hit y’all with the syrupy sweet sweetness to ever happen to music, all week long.  The week is already halfway through, so we may as well get this party started- let’s take it back to 1989, shall we?

Ready Or Not

I’ll give you everything, and more:

I had NO IDEA there was a video for this.  You know you were digging the multi-shaded coed interpretive dance!

Oh- you’re not feeling it yet?? It’s cool. Things might change.

Love Makes Things Happen

You Never Know…

Look at Rev Pebs all done up, but it was the Babyface coif that really stole the show…

What’s that? How could you not be loving this Valentines Day Tribute? I do it all for you!

All I Do Is Think Of You

Day and night, that’s all I do!

But you know what-

I Can’t Stop…

….googling these After 7 Jams

I mean- If you don’t like go ahead and


Hope your enjoys the Vids, remember you don’t have to rush through them…

I, for one am


’cause you never know when, we’ll do this again.

“YOU BLOOOOOOOOW MY Miiiiind. With the things you do to me!!”

You know when you heard the intro it was really about to be ON at the middle school dance.

((Or “House Party” style House Party. Old Heads.  LOL))

(((Honey Moon Theme?? What ever works ;-))))

Where Did All The Love Go Y’all?


It’s Love Week In AmbiLand! February 10, 2009

Hi (Love)Haters!!

In honor of my many many acquaintances who are incensed by the idea of Valentines Day (and many other mainstream American holidays for that matter) I would like to share with you all why I do in fact LOVE to celebrate holidays ESPECIALLY February 14th.


Cheer up, you 'ol 808 and Heartbreak-face mofos!! 😀

Intellectually, I can understand the opposition to a “made-up” holiday such as Valentines Day, but for me it has special significance.  My parents were married on Valentines Day in 1976, so this was always a day to celebrate in our house growing up.



Here’s the deal-  Holidays were one of the few times my father was able to be home and relax with our family.  My father was a doctor and he worked TIRELESSLY.  He would often leave the house way before the sun came up, only to return late in the evening.  He was only off every OTHER weekend.  He loved holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving  although he worked through those too, only having off every OTHER year.

My father passed away from in April of 2004 from cancer. Saturday would have been my parent’s 33rd Wedding Anniversary.  I have always loved Valentines Day, but now I celebrate as yet another form  of remembrance. Getting married on February 14 has got the be the worlds biggest cliche! But were it not for my parents and their incredibly traditional union, Ms AmbiJawn might not even be here to talk about it now would she 😉

Give Thanks.

Give Thanks.

It’s just a day about love (as every day should be).  Why not celebrate??


This sh#t right here?? (c) k. williams (Re: MIA’s 2009 Grammy Performance) February 9, 2009

As a formerly precariously pregnant individual- MIA’s performance/outfit combo sent me through a round of conflicting emotions.

At first it really put me in a place…..a very uncomfortable place. I wasn’t ready y’all!

In the end–I’m with it.  Go head girl!

“I feel your vision Mama.”

(c) S. Carter.

Keep Rockin’.


Hair Shapes!: Harajuku Lovers Go Ambi. February 6, 2009

pro-nails and hair shapes

kid sister: pro-nails and hair shapes

My hair was once described as “sculptural” by one of my painting professors in college. This observation could have been a compliment, had it been made in the proper context.  Sadly, there was nothing about the context to make the comment appropriate.  The whole scenario occurred long before I began to embrace the more “sculptural” qualities of my natural hair texture.

Luckily, with maturity comes a deeper level of self acceptance  I am alllllllllll about hair as sculpture.

Marie Daulné knows what I’m talking ’bout:

Zap Mama!

Zap Mama!

You KNOW Erykah knows the drill:

I love love love this picture! Thinking about putting it on my wall even.

I love love love this picture! Thinking about putting it on my wall even.

Even Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku Girls are trying to get in the hair shape mix:


I might have to try the three pronged barrel curl thing happen this weekend.

I might have to try the three pronged barrel curl thing happen this weekend.

It’s interesting since Ms. Stefani is neither Japanese, nor Ambi, or even remotely of the Diaspora, but HEY- who’s judging?? ((hehe))

Platinum Anglo-Italian Shapes

OK Gwen- We'll let you give it a try too.


Hair Shapes–Ain’t nothing wrong with that!” (c) Chris Rock

janelle monae of course- the buzz has cooled off but we're still in your corner!

janelle monae of course- the buzz has cooled off but we're still in your corner!

Keep em’ coming Ladies!