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Now this is a Drake song i can clap my hands to. June 24, 2009


Drake “Think Good Thoughts” featuring Phonte & Elzhi produced by 9th Wonder

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t.  lol.

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t. lol.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

phonte- getting back with the get back.

Phonte- Getting Back with the Get Back. NorfCarollliiiinnnaaaaa....!





Janelle Monae on NPR!! June 18, 2009

You just don’t know how surprised and pleased I was to hear this interview on NPR.  I love her- you should too, if you don’t already…and NPR this almost makes up for your relentlessly euro-centric programming, and overall lack of  true ‘diversity’…almost.  I still love you though, and listen to you at least an hour a day, so really I should watch my mouth…!   But back to Janelle–although this interview would have been a liiiiitle more appropriate one, maybe two years ago- it’s great exposure and better late than never:


If you don't knoe, now you know.  click this pic to hear the interview

click here to hear the interview!

And if you don’t know…now you know.


Septa Hack… June 16, 2009

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As reported on Philebrity: 

septa fine print

SEPTA is to Philadelphia as MARTA is to Atlanta as BART is to the Bay etcetera…And if you have ever had the pleasure of relying on SEPTA for transpo to school or work- I’m sure you will feel the sentiments of this prankster- who replaced the actually ‘Notice to the Public’ plaques with the following text:

Notice to the Public

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is committed to providing non-discriminatory transportation services to all of its passengers, including schizophrenics, drug addicts, Irish Catholics, hipsters, homos, prostitutes, gentrifying transplants, raging maniacs, tourists, obnoxious Penn students, corner boys, pimps, drunk rich kids who still think Old City is cool, and terrified suburbanites who tremble with unease at the sight of everyone.

Any person who is or seeks to be a patron of any SEPTA public vehicle shall be entitled to the same depressing experience of loud cell phones, obese people eating McDonalds, parents telling their toddlers to “Shut the Fuck Up!,” and a constant inch-deep layer of urine-soaked trash and debris.

No person or group of persons shall be discriminated against on any grounds with regard to routing, scheduling, or quality of transportation service furnished by SEPTA, with the following exceptions — race, color, socioeconomic status, and proximity to the suburbs.

Any person who has experienced a cleaner, more efficient, more extensive and better managed public transportation system in the U.S. (e.g. most if not all) can feel free to notify SEPTA about potential improvements, which shall promptly be ignored.

So true! Especially the part about cursing out the babies 😥


You’ve got a big eeeeggggggooooo June 15, 2009

this song is phallic, so very phallic.  i find that aspect kinda creepy considering there are probably youngsters singing along to it as we speak! i do kind of like it though…

and  kanye’s verse on the ‘remix’ is growing on me.  despite the fact that the few lines are about his penis in particular :/

for real though i kind of like it- the cadence reminds me of de la’s verse in ‘fallin’ :

That’s right– I took you back to the Judegment Night soundtrack! What.  Lol…Gotta run- 1992 is calling, they want their song back ;-D


the high priestess of cool has spoken… June 8, 2009


Maoracle: Dispensing ancient secrets of 'Cool'...One blog post at time.

I, for one, am all ears!!

I’m also relieved to know that rocking the Hello Kitty lunchbox is OK by Maoracle standards…

I wonder if paperchase gear gets the pass, because I rock this bag to the market…

paperchase petchopz

here's a detail of the characters...

here's a detail of the characters...

Best believe I let people think it belongs to my son…but we all know the truth ;D


Black Lily Girls Workshop June 4, 2009

Awesome summer opportunity for girls age 12-18.  Check it out!


You the Best I Eva Had… June 2, 2009

So I found myself at a family function this weekend rapping to a few teenage boys about the latest trends in music- more specifically DRAKE- a Lil Wayne protégé.  His real name is Aubrey and he also happens to be a member of team Ambi, so he is all right with me!!
Never heard of him?
Oh you’ll soon find out.   He’s kind of a big deal. Hehe.
So I was trying to explain to the young people that Aubrey is cool and all but he’s trying a little bit too hard to fit into the misogyny lane, and ‘the fuckin best’ is something you say about a cheesesteak, not a woman- exhibit A

And the the radio version of Every Girl in the World is hot, but the pussy pussy pussyness of the unedited version is just not something I can listen to for fun.  exhibit B

Every girl though, like really? Lol.  The funniest part of this song is at the end where dude is like ‘In about three year holla at Miley Cyrus.’ Lol.  Back to the story.
So then the boys were like- ‘Well, do you think Lil Wayne is cute’
Smh-  Only a teenager would pose this as a serious question.  This is why I love them!!

I was like ‘Hell naw I don’t find Lil Wayne cute- plus I like my men educated…and drug free!!’

Lil Wayne

no diss to the homie lil wayne- i'm just saying...

them: ‘What about Chris Brown’

chris brown


me: ‘Pre or post Rhihanna bludgeoning? Either way he’s  20 so…

them: ‘Trey Songz’

trey songz

VA represent.

me: ‘Nice voice, but have you ever heard him speak? L .’

them: ‘What about Drake.’


It all comes back to Aubrey doesn’t it?

me: ‘It would be tough for me to date a 22 year old who looks kinda related to me so no.’

And besides,’ I told them, ‘I don’t date rappers’

Oh that really set them off, lol. – they were like-

Heeeeeey- WHO DID YOU DATE?? ‘

Hahaha at them thinking I dated a dude they had actually heard of! How cute of them, precious even.

I told them it was no one with a record deal or anything- think a little more local.. they were like

Ohhhhhhhhh, you’re taking about those BASEMENT RAPPERS huh’

me: *LaughinMyAmbiA$$Off*

Touché teenagers, touché.

This is why i love y’all ;D