Adventures in AmbiLand

Ambi = Ethnically Ambiguous

It’s been a long time… October 9, 2009

Shouldn’t have left you- without at least a FEW links to step to-

Let’s start here- as I’m sure you’ve already heard about this- but hey- why not???

someone- anyone- applaud him!

Now I could bore you with all the particulars about why I’ve been away from Ambiland sooooooo long…and oh, best believe I will ;p. Just not this morning. Never fear- all is well in my world and I still have PLENTY some delicious tales cultural mis-identification to share. Trust me, the societal tomfoolery that makes the AmbiLicious Experience so very interesting is still in full effect!! Never a dull moment folks.

SHOUT OUT TO AUBREY GRAHAM BTW (DRAKE)…thanks to my commentary on him, lil weezy and the crew- I STILL receive about a trillion hits a day- how’s that for not updating in 3 months?? Lol.

Never fear- I’m back y’all- more Adventures in Ambiland coming much sooner than later!