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It Is Time….To Get Your Tomato Plants Started February 24, 2010

This year, My goal is to grow the coolest looking vegetable garden possible. For tomatoes, I’m going with the most eye-catching and unique varieties like:

Because, hey, I like pink, and I like pleats 😉

because well, they’re purple.  nuff said.

Looks and feels like a peach- tastes like a tomato? FRESH.

wait wait wait- you mean to tell me they are tomatillos, yet also purple?? That’s freakin awesome dude ;p I’ll take it.

So as you can see this season, I’m going for both style AND substance in my organic vegetable garden.  How about you?

PS- here’s a great little article on how to start tomato seedlings over on

Now get to planting!!


2 Responses to “It Is Time….To Get Your Tomato Plants Started”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Hey Lauren! Just wondering, i live in a condo, is it possible to grow tomatoes on a patio? I’m terrible with plants and they usually die in my care, but I’m convinced that one day I’ll be an amazing gardener 😉

    • lauren Says:

      Hey Nikki! Yeas it is totally possible to grow tomatoes on your patio- as long as you have enough sun you should be great. There are 2 types of tomatoes- determinate and indeterminate (usually noted on the package or tag). Determinate is best for container planting because they are smaller bushier and more, well contained. Indeterminate varieties are larger, more viney plants- you can also do them in containers but the container should be as large as possible (think 30 gallon chest). The key is to put no more than one plant in each container tomatoes are notorious for consuming all available nutrients and crowding out all other plants. I made the mistake of planting 3 in the same huge container last year- 2 languished and one succeeded (in hogging all the resources. lol) Hope this helps!

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