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Ambi = Ethnically Ambiguous

Can we talk about my (tomato) seedlings March 9, 2010

And how they’re growing, and how amazing it is??

Let me put this in perspective-  used to not be able  keep a houseplant alive.  Now I can plant seeds that are barely even a millemeter in diameter only to have them to emerge as plants just a few day later? Days people.  I am humbled and amazed!! I will soon post a detailed description of how I did it so that you too can share in all this vegetable gardeny joy 😉

That Ambijawn…She may be emo, but she is oh so sincere.


2 Responses to “Can we talk about my (tomato) seedlings”

  1. Love your post, I’ve got egg cartons filled with soil and eggplant tiny little eggplant seeds right now too. It is amazing that something so tiny could actually produce something! Keep on gardening.

  2. lauren Says:

    Sounds great- I have some little eggplants coming up as well 😀 Good luck!

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