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Tribute Shirt For HAITI March 24, 2010

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Tribute Shirt for HAITI. Hand designed, hand printed by me 🙂 Check it out let me know what you think!


‘Tribute Shirt For HAITI’


This tee was designed after an Haitian Stamp issued in 1958 by the United Nations. It was reissued by the American Red Cross in 1959. I chose this design because it is both visually interesting and also represents a slice of Haiti’s history.

***%50 of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the the American Red Cross to support emergency relief and recovery efforts to help those people affected by the earthquake in Haiti***

Each shirt is hand printed on super-soft 100% ringspun cotton.

Golden yellow motif printed on deep red fabric.


Adult: S, M, L, XL


Helping people AND  looking fly 😉  Its a win win folks :p


Enough is enough Gwyneth Paltrow–This White on White Violence has got to cease! March 17, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow is here to put you fake rappers on notice!

bye, good hollywood, hello hip hop

So real- he dont even NEED 2 four finger rings- he can make it happen with a ball point pen. That's right, not metal just a B.I.C. Ya heard!?!?!?

Ok- so actor Joaquin Pheonix says ‘Bye, Good’ to Hollywood and ‘Hello’ to a rap career

Then here come his recent co-star  Ms Paltrow talking about what he NEEDS to do to get a liiiiiiiiittle more ‘rapperly’

"What advice would I give to Joaquin? Hmmm...maybe to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity, maybe."

"What advice would I give to Joaquin? Hmmm...maybe to go live in the projects for a few years to get some authenticity, maybe."


I’m confused.

Sooooooo are you saying that only people from the “projects” can be rappers?

Perhaps because your husband (Chris Martin from Coldplay, not to be confused with Chris Martin from Kid n Play) has worked with rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye, you are now somehow qualified to dispense advice on how to increase hip hop credibility?

Chris n Chris

Chris n Chris

Gwyn, if you’re reading, get at me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this before I ‘come at your neck’.  I’m sorry, that hip hop vernacular just slipped in. I enjoyed you in Sliding Doors and have always admired you graceful visage.  I’m not really admiring this cultural assessment though.  Let’s talk it out.

This whole scenario is just so silly, on so many levels–I’m just gonna let you guys marinate on this for a minute and draw your own conclusions.

What advice would I (AmbiJawn) give Joaquin??

Well, based off these recent press pictures, it seems that a haircut and some multi-faceted detox would be a good place to start…


Ambi-Advocacy: Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP) January 5, 2009

Let’s talk about Philly y’all.  Philly…I’ve been living here for a few years now, and I just can’t seem to get used to it.  Coming from a place like Atlanta with its fabulously mild winters and rampant post contemporary architecture, I find Philly a little harsh.  I am still just as startled by the first cold front as I was my first northern winter. I am still amazed by the obtuse and widespread urban decay.  I still find  the accents abhorrent 😦

In other words, Philly gets on my d#nm nerves.

If it’s that bad, why don’t you just leave?

That is both a good question, and a long story, so I will have to address this another time.

That said, what I would like to talk about is…

What’s good about Philadelphia.

Why? Because well, how can I expect the city I live in to support me, if I don’t support it?

((and because the homie Thembi actually threatened to stop hanging out with me if didn’t ease up on her beloved hometown))

Philadelphia is a city full of ACTIVISTS.  Home to several vibrant colleges and many historic social movements- people here really know how to move the movement.  Mostly because in this kind of environment, you kind of have to…but let’s focus on the positive shall we?

To kick off my “What’s good in Philadelphia” feature I will turn the spotlight to my friend Carrie Rathman:

Carrie Rathman, Executive Director, Rebuild Philadelphia

Carrie Rathman, Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP)

Dude- I love this lady.  She’s one of my mommy friends, but I would definitely hang out with her for fun 😉

She’s one of the nicest people you could ever meet, and she was raised right here in Philadelphia (but don’t let the sweet face fool you- she can be tough as nails when she needs to be! Philly don’t take no mess y’all.)

So Carrie is the Executive Director of an organization called smallrtlogo

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP) is in the running to win an HGTV contest and get some of that good cable money to build house for homeless war vets, but they need your help.  Here, I’ll let her tell you about it:

Dear Friends and Loved Ones.

Happy Holidays. I am writing to lobby you to start the new year by doing something amazing for homeless vetsand it will not cost a thing!

We at RTP have the opportunity to rehab a transitional house for homeless vets. These men have served our country and now would not have shelter if it were not for this house in Frankford. And, it is in BAD shape. It is pretty disgraceful when you see it.

So….Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP) has a great opportunity and I invite (BEG) you to be a part of it.

Philadelphia has been selected by HGTV to compete in a national contest through its Change the World, Start at Home Campaign.  Two (out of seven) cities will “win” a $40,000 grant to improve veterans housing.  The other five cities will only get $5,000 each to do only a portion of the project, so think of the impact if Philadelphia comes out on top.

It’s all about votes made on-line via HGTV’s website from January 1 through March 2.  Last year’s top city generated nearly 50,000 votes.  I think the stakes are higher this year so we need to double, triple, maybe even quadruple the number of votes for Philadelphia.

This is a “win win” for RTP and Philadelphia:

1)    Funds to undertake an important project, which will take place in the Frankford section of Philadelphia.  Check out the description of our featured project:

2)    Great exposure for the work that we do.  Although group veterans housing is not typical for RTP, rebuilding low-income communities is!

My question for you is, would you be an official ambassador for this campaign?

We would provide you with the messages and ask you to pass it on to “everybody you know” and get them to vote on our behalf? We want this to be an intense, but concentrated effort.  In turn, we would love to list you as an ambassador and you’d have our undying gratitude.

It’s a little early to get folks to vote now. The official announcement of the contest will happen on January 1 at the Rose Bowl.  Yes, this is huge!  HGTV will be publicizing this program on its website and its channel.

Are you up to the task?  We’d love to have you.  If so, then reply to this e-mail and let me know which e-mail (personal or professional) we should record so that when we send you information, you can pass it along to others easily.

I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out RTP’s website lately, visit .

Carrie Rathmann
Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Philadelphia
Connecting volunteers to homeowners in need.
Keeping homeowners warm, safe and dry.
p: 215-568-5044     c: 215-888-9975     f: 215-967-1528

Not Reading All That?

Vote for Philly HERE

((except Atlanta is also a choice so I personally am a little torn))

Go Philly!