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Cool site on all things green in Philly and beyond April 7, 2010

Can’t wait to try this simple avacado hair mask (I’m all about avocados in 2010. lol) :


“If Only You Could See Through Your Elaborate Eyes…” February 24, 2009

Only you and me Hon, the Love never dies…”

Aww Q-Tip- say it Again!

Nope, it never get’s old.

I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you blogosphere.  I’m back, and here to talk about

Elaborate Eyes

I’m trying to get some.  I’ve been really into make-up lately.  I have garnered the reputation as a kind of low maintenance crunchy granola type chic, so this has come to the surprise so those who know me.   My beauty philosophy is simple: good nutrition, skincare, well conditioned hair, regular exercise and lots of water can take you FAR.  If you are not feeling very pretty I recommend that you ramp up your effort in each of these areas and you will begin to feel more gorgeous, naturally.

Make-up should be the icing, not the cake.

It should enhance your already glowing self 🙂

So back to eye-shadow.    I would like to master a few application “techniques”.  I might not be a “girly-girl”, BUT I am an artist.I should be able to create a really dynamic “smoky eye”:

Tha Yonce

So i got out my eyeliner, a couple of covergirl shadows, looked up some internet tutorials and went to work.  And guess what? I ended up looking a


For real, I looked like a crazy person.  But guess what else- I’m gonna try again, and again, until I get it right.  Why- because I’m no quitter.


So look out blogosphere, next time you see me on the street I might be rocking the most alluring plum and gold smoky eye to ever grace your presence.

Be Ready!


Hair Shapes!: Harajuku Lovers Go Ambi. February 6, 2009

pro-nails and hair shapes

kid sister: pro-nails and hair shapes

My hair was once described as “sculptural” by one of my painting professors in college. This observation could have been a compliment, had it been made in the proper context.  Sadly, there was nothing about the context to make the comment appropriate.  The whole scenario occurred long before I began to embrace the more “sculptural” qualities of my natural hair texture.

Luckily, with maturity comes a deeper level of self acceptance  I am alllllllllll about hair as sculpture.

Marie Daulné knows what I’m talking ’bout:

Zap Mama!

Zap Mama!

You KNOW Erykah knows the drill:

I love love love this picture! Thinking about putting it on my wall even.

I love love love this picture! Thinking about putting it on my wall even.

Even Gwen Stefani and the Harajuku Girls are trying to get in the hair shape mix:


I might have to try the three pronged barrel curl thing happen this weekend.

I might have to try the three pronged barrel curl thing happen this weekend.

It’s interesting since Ms. Stefani is neither Japanese, nor Ambi, or even remotely of the Diaspora, but HEY- who’s judging?? ((hehe))

Platinum Anglo-Italian Shapes

OK Gwen- We'll let you give it a try too.


Hair Shapes–Ain’t nothing wrong with that!” (c) Chris Rock

janelle monae of course- the buzz has cooled off but we're still in your corner!

janelle monae of course- the buzz has cooled off but we're still in your corner!

Keep em’ coming Ladies!


AmbiJawn Says: Fix Your face. February 3, 2009

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Winter Survival Tactic # 266: Skincare

There comes a moment every year when I pass myself in a mirror- take a look at the reflection and ask myself- who is this pasty pale face woman, and why is she wearing a head wrap??

who are you??


It usually takes me a moment to realize that this under-melenated specimen is me after two months of solid winter, and I’m wearing the headwrap because my hair has not been combed in a week. Why so long? Well- I can only comb the curls when wet, and wet my hair makes me 35-45 percent colder for a minimum of 12 hours.  Basically, I’m just not strong enough to endure the consequences or air drying.

This leaves me with one of two options for winter survial hair- the Headwrap, or the Press and Curl.

The past few weeks I’ve been throwing on the head wrap when carpooling the kidling to school.  Luckily, I fit right in with the West Philly house wives.  I’m also fond of the press and curl in the winter- but it requires a level of time and money that is difficult to come by.

It’s always interesting to notice the variation between- straight hair and head-wrap hair. Each style noticeably impacts the Ambi experience

Life as a Head-wrap Jawn vs life as a Press and Curl Jawn are worlds apart.

With the head-wrap- folks are all like “peace queen”

"Peace, Queen"

Peace, Queen.

Hii the scene with straight hair and folks are all like: Heeey Rock Staaaaar.

press n' curl
Press N Curl = Showtime in AmbiLand

Men start randomly holding doors for me–people offer me unsolicited change for the parking meter- it’s fascinating, really.

Wait- what was this entry about? Ahh yes, SKINCARE.

The elements can really take a toll on your skin, particularly in the winter. While there is no substitute for good skin care regimen, regular exercise and lots of water- everyone could use a little pick-me-up every now and again. Today I offer you a super simple facial scrub that can help to revitalize your complexion.

This is great for anyone- including men who think skincare is not “manly” and anyone else who normally does not involve themselves in beauty rituals. It’s easy to make, involving only two ingredients you probably have in your kitchen as we speak. Here goes:


1 part brown sugar

2 parts olive oil

Apply to face, scrub in circular motion,  rinse face,  pat dry.

That’s it.

If you like you can then wash with your favorite soap to remove additional traces of oil. viola- beautiful refreshed skin- it’ll be like the winter never happened to your face. Don’t knock it till you try- especially you, men- there is nothing more delicious than a man (or woman) with a glowing complexion 😀

Try It.

You just might like it.

Happy Exfoliating!