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Mixed Chicks Can’t Dance. January 7, 2009

Mixed Chicks Can’t Dance.

Well, except for…

Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy

Mya Harrison

Mya Harrison

Alicia Graff of Alvin Ailey

Alicia Graf of Alvin Ailey

((probably YOU if you’re mixed))

But who’s counting??

So let me rephrase that: AmbiJawn cant dance.

Now, I’m not talking about to stepping at the club- I GOT that:

Where's AmbiJawn?

Where's Ambi?

I’m talking about DANCE INSTRUCTION.  I don’t take it well. At all.  I’ll put it this way, I’m the one dance instructors always single out, in a hopes that a little extra attention MIGHT boost my confidence, put me on the right track.

Not so!

My dance class deficiency is one of life’s great mysteries- sort of like how mother is is white, yet darker than me. And it’s not a race thing either- I took African dance in college for years and believe me, the Anglos had me beat.  Everybody has me beat- save for my brother William. But he doesn’t count because, well, he’s a republican 😀

Just because I need a little help getting into my body doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try.  And try I will. If you are in the Philadelphia area, I suggest that you try this too:

Free Orisa Dance Class!

</p> <p>Yemonja - Saturday Jan. 10 at 10 a.m.  </p> <p>Osun - Wednesday  Jan. 14 at 7 p.m.  </p> <p>Oya - Saturday  Jan 17 at 10 a.m. </p> <p>Lonnie Young Community Center  Chelten &  Ardliegh  267-252-1041 for more information  </p> <p>sponsored by the Leeway Foundation

Godis:Dance A celebration of women through music, movement and myth

Get em’ Alicia!!

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Alicia Graf and Jamar Roberts

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Alicia Graf and Jamar Roberts