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It’s Love Week In AmbiLand! February 10, 2009

Hi (Love)Haters!!

In honor of my many many acquaintances who are incensed by the idea of Valentines Day (and many other mainstream American holidays for that matter) I would like to share with you all why I do in fact LOVE to celebrate holidays ESPECIALLY February 14th.


Cheer up, you 'ol 808 and Heartbreak-face mofos!! 😀

Intellectually, I can understand the opposition to a “made-up” holiday such as Valentines Day, but for me it has special significance.  My parents were married on Valentines Day in 1976, so this was always a day to celebrate in our house growing up.



Here’s the deal-  Holidays were one of the few times my father was able to be home and relax with our family.  My father was a doctor and he worked TIRELESSLY.  He would often leave the house way before the sun came up, only to return late in the evening.  He was only off every OTHER weekend.  He loved holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving  although he worked through those too, only having off every OTHER year.

My father passed away from in April of 2004 from cancer. Saturday would have been my parent’s 33rd Wedding Anniversary.  I have always loved Valentines Day, but now I celebrate as yet another form  of remembrance. Getting married on February 14 has got the be the worlds biggest cliche! But were it not for my parents and their incredibly traditional union, Ms AmbiJawn might not even be here to talk about it now would she 😉

Give Thanks.

Give Thanks.

It’s just a day about love (as every day should be).  Why not celebrate??