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Even the world’s most reclusive Ambies can have fun too! February 23, 2010

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Ms Folasade Adu cutting up on the Wanda Sikes Show:


Love Her!!! This Cover is Too Fresh!! November 15, 2009

If you’re not up on Solange…I don’t know what to tell you. I guess I could blame myself for not blogging about her in the early 09 when I hade her album in heavy rotation…oh well…better late than never 😀



Now this is a Drake song i can clap my hands to. June 24, 2009


Drake “Think Good Thoughts” featuring Phonte & Elzhi produced by 9th Wonder

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t.  lol.

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t. lol.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

phonte- getting back with the get back.

Phonte- Getting Back with the Get Back. NorfCarollliiiinnnaaaaa....!





Janelle Monae on NPR!! June 18, 2009

You just don’t know how surprised and pleased I was to hear this interview on NPR.  I love her- you should too, if you don’t already…and NPR this almost makes up for your relentlessly euro-centric programming, and overall lack of  true ‘diversity’…almost.  I still love you though, and listen to you at least an hour a day, so really I should watch my mouth…!   But back to Janelle–although this interview would have been a liiiiitle more appropriate one, maybe two years ago- it’s great exposure and better late than never:


If you don't knoe, now you know.  click this pic to hear the interview

click here to hear the interview!

And if you don’t know…now you know.


LoveWeek In AmbiLand: Let’s Get This Party Started February 12, 2009

Well, in honor of LoveWeek, I am going to have to hit y’all with the syrupy sweet sweetness to ever happen to music, all week long.  The week is already halfway through, so we may as well get this party started- let’s take it back to 1989, shall we?

Ready Or Not

I’ll give you everything, and more:

I had NO IDEA there was a video for this.  You know you were digging the multi-shaded coed interpretive dance!

Oh- you’re not feeling it yet?? It’s cool. Things might change.

Love Makes Things Happen

You Never Know…

Look at Rev Pebs all done up, but it was the Babyface coif that really stole the show…

What’s that? How could you not be loving this Valentines Day Tribute? I do it all for you!

All I Do Is Think Of You

Day and night, that’s all I do!

But you know what-

I Can’t Stop…

….googling these After 7 Jams

I mean- If you don’t like go ahead and


Hope your enjoys the Vids, remember you don’t have to rush through them…

I, for one am


’cause you never know when, we’ll do this again.

“YOU BLOOOOOOOOW MY Miiiiind. With the things you do to me!!”

You know when you heard the intro it was really about to be ON at the middle school dance.

((Or “House Party” style House Party. Old Heads.  LOL))

(((Honey Moon Theme?? What ever works ;-))))

Where Did All The Love Go Y’all?


Dude. If you’re not feeling this… January 23, 2009

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I’m not even sure what to tell you:

And while I fully respect her hustle,  I am DEFINITELY not a huge fan of Amanda Diva as a MUSIC ARTIST.  But I think it works OK here.


Hip Hop Recovery: That dream is over… (c) Lyte

Say, have you heard the new Q-Tip album?

And by new, I mean new to me.  It’s been out since Election Day (November 4th, 2008 )

I did… finally… and it’s fabulous- go cop it.  Nuff said.

Why so late AmbiJawn? That’s not like you.

Correct.  Music has traditionally been a priority for me, especially staying up on the new and fabulous. Let me explain!

Two Main Reasons why I have fallen off:

1) My ipod and macbook were stolen within a few months of each other, thus drastically reducing my capacity to obtain and listen to music.

2) I’m in Hip Hop Recovery.

Hip Hop Recovery? What’s that??

Well, you know 2008 was a rough year.  Jay-Z can’t seem to retire like he promised me.  Hip Hop “legend”  Ice Tea was beefing w/ the young school innovator Soulja Boy on youtube (google it).    Some dude named Plies showed up on the scene to make the most  unsexy sex songs to ever happen to my ears.  To top it off, no matter how hard I try, I cant seem to convince Kanye to PUT THE AUTOTUNE DOWN.  I mean, how is T-Pain suppoesed to stay in the game when ‘Ye keeps hogging the ball??

I had to go ahead and check myself in.

Hip Hop Recovery is an integral component of my winter survival plan.  The only way to make it through this treacherous season is to involve myself with all things life sustaining.  Yoga, This American Life, Lemongrass Soup- they all help to keep me balanced and healthy.  Hip Hop didn’t make the cut.

Hip Hop,  shocked by my sudden departure, has tried relentlessly to woo me back by sending me Hip Hop related gifts (which i could not accept).    I had to turn away countless limited edition pumas (size 5):

Several priceless Black Swan recordings:

black swan records

And even my personalized two finger ring:

My (former) ring

Tough times.

But these are the sacrifices we must some times make. Without struggle there is no progress.

Hope this clears things up!

MC Lyte- Take us to the Bridge!