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It’s been a long time… October 9, 2009

Shouldn’t have left you- without at least a FEW links to step to-

Let’s start here- as I’m sure you’ve already heard about this- but hey- why not???

someone- anyone- applaud him!

Now I could bore you with all the particulars about why I’ve been away from Ambiland sooooooo long…and oh, best believe I will ;p. Just not this morning. Never fear- all is well in my world and I still have PLENTY some delicious tales cultural mis-identification to share. Trust me, the societal tomfoolery that makes the AmbiLicious Experience so very interesting is still in full effect!! Never a dull moment folks.

SHOUT OUT TO AUBREY GRAHAM BTW (DRAKE)…thanks to my commentary on him, lil weezy and the crew- I STILL receive about a trillion hits a day- how’s that for not updating in 3 months?? Lol.

Never fear- I’m back y’all- more Adventures in Ambiland coming much sooner than later!


Septa Hack… June 16, 2009

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As reported on Philebrity: 

septa fine print

SEPTA is to Philadelphia as MARTA is to Atlanta as BART is to the Bay etcetera…And if you have ever had the pleasure of relying on SEPTA for transpo to school or work- I’m sure you will feel the sentiments of this prankster- who replaced the actually ‘Notice to the Public’ plaques with the following text:

Notice to the Public

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is committed to providing non-discriminatory transportation services to all of its passengers, including schizophrenics, drug addicts, Irish Catholics, hipsters, homos, prostitutes, gentrifying transplants, raging maniacs, tourists, obnoxious Penn students, corner boys, pimps, drunk rich kids who still think Old City is cool, and terrified suburbanites who tremble with unease at the sight of everyone.

Any person who is or seeks to be a patron of any SEPTA public vehicle shall be entitled to the same depressing experience of loud cell phones, obese people eating McDonalds, parents telling their toddlers to “Shut the Fuck Up!,” and a constant inch-deep layer of urine-soaked trash and debris.

No person or group of persons shall be discriminated against on any grounds with regard to routing, scheduling, or quality of transportation service furnished by SEPTA, with the following exceptions — race, color, socioeconomic status, and proximity to the suburbs.

Any person who has experienced a cleaner, more efficient, more extensive and better managed public transportation system in the U.S. (e.g. most if not all) can feel free to notify SEPTA about potential improvements, which shall promptly be ignored.

So true! Especially the part about cursing out the babies 😥


the high priestess of cool has spoken… June 8, 2009


Maoracle: Dispensing ancient secrets of 'Cool'...One blog post at time.

I, for one, am all ears!!

I’m also relieved to know that rocking the Hello Kitty lunchbox is OK by Maoracle standards…

I wonder if paperchase gear gets the pass, because I rock this bag to the market…

paperchase petchopz

here's a detail of the characters...

here's a detail of the characters...

Best believe I let people think it belongs to my son…but we all know the truth ;D


Black Lily Girls Workshop June 4, 2009

Awesome summer opportunity for girls age 12-18.  Check it out!


She’s just so, so fabulous…. May 26, 2009

Whose going to going to the ReCreation release party this week?

click ere for more info on the sho;w at joe's pub 5/27-5/30

click here for more info on the show at joe's pub 5/27-5/30

((me and a few of my afropean cousins of course ;))

See You There!


Auto Tuning: Vimeo Tribute to T-Painist Vocal Technique. March 26, 2009

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I meant to post this last week- hilarious! Vodpod videos no longer available.


Small Victories: Joining the Twitter Party March 25, 2009

Small Victories

OK- so I finally got it together and joined Twitter.  I had been avoiding for a variety of reasons-

#1 I am not the best at keeping up with blogging, email and FB correspondence, I just didn’t feel like I adding to my online “responsibilities”
#2 who needs more internet-based distractions?
#3 and perhaps most importantly- who needs to hand-feed stalkers by up to the minute life reports!?!

Paronoid much Ambijawn? Absolutely 😉

But for some reason today was different.  Today I was struck with the insiration to join Twitter in the most unlikely of places: In line at Philadelphia Traffic Court.

See- the scene was so thick- so rich with ridiculousness I just wondered how great it would be to describe it to my online friends.  I mean- there’s the grown man in front of me with the Super Mario PJs on- he’s in there at least once month he tells me, and assures me that DO NOT need a photocopy of my Photo ID, no matter what the sign says.  Then there was the NE Philly looking, camo wearing father and son duo, looking disappointed after shelling out $1.00 to photocopy their ID. Woman sucking their teeth at the super slow service…everyone looking Extra worried under the ultra-bright florescent lights…

you can't make this sh#t up

Did I mention there are a lot of good looking men in traffic court! (Heeeeey Shawn ;-)) It’s true- a very unexpected, yet welcome perk of traffic court.  Except well, they are in traffic court on a Tuesday morning which would be cool if they looked like they were on their was to work or something, but most of them looked like they were on their way to the “club”- fresh to def like we were shooting a video or something.   Except the Super M.  PJs guy in front of me- they wont even let you in the club w/ sneaker on nowadays– his house slippers DEFINITELY would not have made the cut!!

Not only was the scene great- but it would have been nice to give the play by play of how I brought in the $110 cash to pay the ticket if need be,  and walked out of the building with the money still in my pocket!! Victory never felt so sweet 🙂  Am I wrong for celebrating by treating myself to spring jacket from H&M??  Probably, but at least it was %50 off!

What does this have to do with Twitter?  The bottom line is this: If Badu feels comfortable tweet about the birth of her 3rd child, I suppose I can feel comfortable enough to tweet about some of life’s unheralded victories.

So here we go…