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Even the world’s most reclusive Ambies can have fun too! February 23, 2010

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Ms Folasade Adu cutting up on the Wanda Sikes Show:


New Erykah: I sort of love this wild style kalidoscope ish February 13, 2010

usually something this busy, weezie-intensive, and junkie-fabulous would be waaaaaaaay to much  for me- but i think it kinda works.

What do you think??


Go Go Tiger! (not you Mr. Woods!) December 16, 2009

Check out our new t-shirt line- let me know what you think!! Each hand-printed features designs created by me and my 6 yo son 😉 My apologies for the shameless plug, lol.  But hey- at least it explains why I’ve been slacking on my blogging!


Getting Girly… November 15, 2009

Welp the fall is in full tilt, and the winter not far behind. While I love fall, makes me nervous because it is only the precursor to the inevitable….cold. There is no emoticon in the world sad enough to express how I feel about excessively cold weather. Since there is nothing fun about BEING cold, I am forced to focus on what’s fun about dressing for the cold– here are a few of my favs;

cable knit tights- in off white…why not??

off white cable knit tights

i used to wear these tights to church, with my red courdoroy 1986. lol.

OPI Suede Collection- love these!! love them – u should check em out too


Till Next Time….xo Ambijawn.


Love Her!!! This Cover is Too Fresh!!

If you’re not up on Solange…I don’t know what to tell you. I guess I could blame myself for not blogging about her in the early 09 when I hade her album in heavy rotation…oh well…better late than never 😀



It’s been a long time… October 9, 2009

Shouldn’t have left you- without at least a FEW links to step to-

Let’s start here- as I’m sure you’ve already heard about this- but hey- why not???

someone- anyone- applaud him!

Now I could bore you with all the particulars about why I’ve been away from Ambiland sooooooo long…and oh, best believe I will ;p. Just not this morning. Never fear- all is well in my world and I still have PLENTY some delicious tales cultural mis-identification to share. Trust me, the societal tomfoolery that makes the AmbiLicious Experience so very interesting is still in full effect!! Never a dull moment folks.

SHOUT OUT TO AUBREY GRAHAM BTW (DRAKE)…thanks to my commentary on him, lil weezy and the crew- I STILL receive about a trillion hits a day- how’s that for not updating in 3 months?? Lol.

Never fear- I’m back y’all- more Adventures in Ambiland coming much sooner than later!


Now this is a Drake song i can clap my hands to. June 24, 2009


Drake “Think Good Thoughts” featuring Phonte & Elzhi produced by 9th Wonder

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t.  lol.

you've come a long way jimmy...i've never actually seen 'degrassi' just felt like bringing up old sh!t. lol.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

elzhi-star. we see you detroit.

phonte- getting back with the get back.

Phonte- Getting Back with the Get Back. NorfCarollliiiinnnaaaaa....!