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Can we talk about my (tomato) seedlings March 9, 2010

And how they’re growing, and how amazing it is??

Let me put this in perspective-  used to not be able  keep a houseplant alive.  Now I can plant seeds that are barely even a millemeter in diameter only to have them to emerge as plants just a few day later? Days people.  I am humbled and amazed!! I will soon post a detailed description of how I did it so that you too can share in all this vegetable gardeny joy 😉

That Ambijawn…She may be emo, but she is oh so sincere.


ambijawn, ambijawn, how does your garden grow…? May 12, 2009

Ok, so this past week, my son Little Jawn and I had the pleasure of joining our local Community Children’s Garden.  It is my first time gardening, and let me tell you I had no idea how awesome it would be! Gardening is the best- right up there with yoga and organic sunscreen. Poor kid- his mother is evolving from a  ‘granola lite’ type of mom  to ‘extra crispy home grown organic super crunchy granola’ type of mom.  By the time winter hits, his lunch will consist exclusively of  corn, squash or beans from the three sister’s garden.  Every day.   ;-D

brandywine tomatoes- one of the many 'heirloom' varieties...those are not my hands btw.  lol.

brandywine tomatoes- one of the many 'heirloom' varieties...those are not my hands btw. lol.

So we have a 3′ by 3′ ft section of the garden.  We planted basil, cilantro, jalepeno peppers, roma and brandywine tomatoes, yellow and red peppers, and ichaban eggplant.  I’m not even a huge eggplant fan but I love their deep purple hue  ;-) Plus i like the name- reminds me of this De La Soul track.  We are also doing Thai basil and strawberries on the roof.  Might pick up a few more mini-sweet pepper plants for the roof and call it a day.  I am PSHYCHED to see how things turn out.  Did I mention gardening is awesome??