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I have a Crush on this table: An Ikea Story January 4, 2009

“I have a crush on this table”

That’s how blogger LSASPACEY describes this drop-leaf table I picked up today from Ikea:

this pic doesn't even do the table justice.

the pic doesn't even do it justice.

I’m not saying crushing on tables is what’s hot in the streets, “but i understand” (c) Chris Rock.  This table is super striking, space saving, versatile and only $50…very exciting.  I bought it for my for my 5yo to do his independent kindergarten study, but I might have to relocate it to the grown folks study- it’s too fresh!

Easily Expandable

Easily Expandable

I was not looking forward to spending any more money on furniture- but alas the boy needed a desk. I guess this one was worth it.

Ikea Dependency?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ikea lately.  Ikea is like the H & M of furniture- everything looks really cool and is priced great, but the quality is often questionable.  And just like you wouldn’t want a wardrobe exclusively from H & M, Ikea  is not the kind of place you want to pick up ALL of your furniture.  Because yes, there is such thing as too much particle board in one apartment

However, when you’re trying make a dollar out of 15 cents like I am this winter, Ikea is filled with endless possibilities- especially if your willing to get creative.  I think I may have crossed over into dependency.

For Example– All of the cups in my house look like this:

The only glasses I can't break

The only glasses I can't break

I’ve been strecting the a la cart fabric over canvases to make some quick wall art:


Going the easy route. It's a shame really considering I've been painting since I was a child!

Employing the old expidit bookcase standby tactic:

creatng space

Expidit bookcase as room divider

Creating impromptu fake flower arrangements:


But they are so pretty!

It’s getting a little out of hand.

Nice to know I’m not the only one.

Here’s a post from Apartment Therapy detailing their favorite stuff from the Boxy Blue Giant:

Ikea Classics

In fact, there’s an entire blog dedicated solely to tricking out Ikea Materials.

ikeahacker work table

As a parent, it is also important to not how INCREDIBLY child friendly it is.  It’s really amazing on that front.  I would go into detail but luckily Heather Chapman of Lexington Kentucky has already blogged about it, so I don’t have to:


Ikea is for the kids.

Enjoy! Viva la Ikea!