Adventures in AmbiLand

Ambi = Ethnically Ambiguous

Ambis in the News: Author Heidi Durrow March 2, 2010

Award winning author and fellow comrade in the Mixed Chic Struggle has just released her first novel The Girl Who Fell From The Sky.  This woman knows all about the joy and pain of the Ambi-Existence and writes about it eloquently 😉

Check her out today on NPR’s All Things Considered tonight from 4pm-6pm.  She will be talking about The Girl Who Fell From the Sky with host Michele Norris.

Here’s the online link, for my radio-free peeps:


Have a great day ya’ll…Be Inspired!


Janelle Monae on NPR!! June 18, 2009

You just don’t know how surprised and pleased I was to hear this interview on NPR.  I love her- you should too, if you don’t already…and NPR this almost makes up for your relentlessly euro-centric programming, and overall lack of  true ‘diversity’…almost.  I still love you though, and listen to you at least an hour a day, so really I should watch my mouth…!   But back to Janelle–although this interview would have been a liiiiitle more appropriate one, maybe two years ago- it’s great exposure and better late than never:


If you don't knoe, now you know.  click this pic to hear the interview

click here to hear the interview!

And if you don’t know…now you know.