Adventures in AmbiLand

Ambi = Ethnically Ambiguous

It Is Time….To Get Your Tomato Plants Started February 24, 2010

This year, My goal is to grow the coolest looking vegetable garden possible. For tomatoes, I’m going with the most eye-catching and unique varieties like:

Because, hey, I like pink, and I like pleats 😉

because well, they’re purple.  nuff said.

Looks and feels like a peach- tastes like a tomato? FRESH.

wait wait wait- you mean to tell me they are tomatillos, yet also purple?? That’s freakin awesome dude ;p I’ll take it.

So as you can see this season, I’m going for both style AND substance in my organic vegetable garden.  How about you?

PS- here’s a great little article on how to start tomato seedlings over on

Now get to planting!!